Following the instructions contained in the README file of an application, the make command was executed but the following message was displayed on the screen:

Make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop.

Which are the TWO possible causes for this problem?

A. The make command is being executed in the wrong location.
B. The user has no write permission to the Makefile, so he cannot execute the make command correctly.
C. The make command was executed in the right place but the command to generate the Makefile was not properly executed.
D. The make command is not installed in the system.
E. The development libraries needed by make are not installed on the system.


使用「make」指令時卻出現「No targets specified and no makefile found.」的訊息,是因為目前的工作目錄中並沒有「Makefile」檔案,可能是因為執行「make」指令的工作目錄錯誤,或是「Makefile」檔案產生失敗(常會使用「configure」腳本來產生「Makefile」檔案)。所以答案是選項A和選項C。