Which of the following is correct about this excerpt from an LDIF file?

dn: cn=PrintOperators,ou=Groups,o=IT,DC=mycompany,DC=example,DC=com

A. dn is the domain name.
B. o is the operator name.
C. cn is the common name.
D. dn is the relative distinguished name.
E. dc is the delegation container.


選項A,錯誤,「dn」是識別名稱(Distinguish Name)。

選項B,錯誤,「o」是組織名稱(Organization Name)。


選項D,錯誤,「rdn」才是Relative Distinguished Name。

選項E,錯誤,「dc」是網域部件(Domain Component)。如「google.com」,有「com」和「google」兩個部件。