Which of the following is a side effect of extensive usage of swap space?

A. The root filesystem may become full because swap space is always located on the system root partition.
B. The overall system performance may degrade because of heavy hard disk use and memory reorganization.
C. Since processes always exist completely in either RAM or swap, regular RAM may become unused if the kernel does not move processes back from the swap space to memory.
D. The memory may become fragmented and slow down the access to memory pages. However, this can be kept to a minimum by the regular use of memfrag -d.
E. Applications need to restart because their virtual memory addresses change to reflect memory relocation to the swap address area.


當Linux作業系統的主記憶體(也就是RAM)不足的時候,就會去使用硬碟的置換空間(swap space),來協助存放主記憶體中未正在使用的分頁(pages)。但由於硬碟的效能和頻寬都遠比主記憶體來得差,因此使用置換空間時,會造成系統效能下降。