What does a 0 in the last field (fsck order) of /etc/fstab indicate about the filesystem?

A. The filesystem should be checked before filesystems with higher values.
B. The filesystem should be checked after filesystems with higher values.
C. The filesystem check counter is ignored.
D. The filesystem has been disabled from being checked and mounted on the system.
E. The filesystem does not require an fsck check when being mounted.



  • file system:裝置名稱(裝置檔案路徑、UUID或是LABEL)。
  • mount point:掛載裝置的檔案路徑。
  • type:裝置的檔案系統。
  • options:檔案系統的參數。
  • dump:是否用dump來進行備份。
  • pass:掛載時是否使用fsck工具來檢查檔案系統。